Aluminum Panels

Aluminum Panels are another available option in the market for customers seeking a form of protection for their home to use. The Aluminum Panels solution resembles the idea of purchasing hardwood to place over your window every time the hurricane season comes around. Unlike impact glass or Accordion shutters this solution can only be used as a temporary method. When a customer chooses to use an aluminum panel they will have these panels available to them whenever they need them to place up and remove when it’s necessary. These panels will typically be just panels that once purchased the customer can store in their home when they are not needed and placed up when necessary. Aluminum Panels don’t generally provide any particular aesthetically pleasing look or special designs because of the fact that they only provide a temporary yet reusable solution.


Aluminum Panels should not be left up year round because of the fact that they don’t allow any sunlight into the home. When the Aluminum Panels will make sure that when the hurricane season is a threat you can stay safe and your home will not have any shattered glass or debris within your wall of comfort. However, this solution won’t help keep your family safe from other situations that can occur. If a situation like a fire was to affect your home the Aluminum Panel would not help the situation and emphasizes the fact that they should only be a temporary solution to keep your family safe until the winds have subsided. Regardless, it is always better to have protection for your home available at all times so you don’t have to worry about rushing to the hardware every time the strong winds come around.

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We are partnered with some of the reputable hurricane protection manufacturers in the country.

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